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Before A reader buys a book, they want to know if it's any good. They want to know what other readers have said about it... After all the exhausting, beautiful hours of composing your book; finally, it's done. It's published. But among the millions of books available today, how will yours stand out?

People don't take risks when buying a book online. They want to know it's good BEFORE they buy it. So what do they do?

They look at what other readers have said about it.

We understand this dilemma, this Catch-22. At Dog Eared Reviews, our network of readers across the country will purchase your book, sit down, and read it. They will then take the time to compose an honest review of your work on any website you choose.

If they did not like the book enough to give it at least four stars, we then pass it along to another of our waiting reviewers, who then reads and posts. It's that simple.


What We Offer

With hundreds of readers across the country (and even some beyond our borders) we are uniquely poised to provide one of the most essential pieces of marketing you can utilize for your book.
Having positive reviews - while good for your ego - serve an even more important role: Good publicity, good marketing.
We offer a number of packages styled to fit your budget and marketing needs.

Single Review

  • Our lowest cost option.
  • This package can serve as a great introduction to our services.
  • Qualifies you for a one-time 10% discount on either the 5-review or 10-review package.

Five Reviews

  • Lower per-review cost than a single review.
  • Enough reviews to ensure people viewing your book that a single review was not a fluke.
  • A great median-level option.

Ten Reviews

  • Our best deal - lowest cost per review of all three packages.
  • Make a definite statement when someone visits your book's page.

Scheduled Reviews

  • Ongoing! New reviews posted every month!
  • People will see that your book continues to draw readers.
  • Cost effective way to continue adding new reviews to your page - readers will take note!
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About Our Readers

With over 400 active readers in our roster, you can be sure that we will be able to provide sufficient interest in your book, no matter the genre. Furthermore, our readers come from all backgrounds, all walks of life. With this variety, each review will come from a unique perspective and with wide variation in review style. Our wide reader base:

> Ensures we have readers for any fiction genre
> Allows us to handle almost all professional, non-fiction work
> We can guarantee all reviews come from readers who liked it enough to give at least 4 stars
> Enables us to finish your project in a timely fashion

Our readers are here because they love to read books. While they all have their favorite authors, they also appreciate more diversity on their bookshelves and in the market. They WANT good authors to succeed. Unfortunately, without major publisher backing, that goal can be very difficult. This is part of why they read and review books - to let people know there is more than what sits on the shelves of the bookstore available.

Good books are a shared love of all of us. We are ready to love your pet project.

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A Quick Taste


Some Sample Reviews

While we do pride ourselves on customer confidentiality, we are able to present a couple sample reviews here. Remember, while there may be typos and/or grammar errors in some, that is because they are written by regular readers.

  • A great read from beginning to end, but definitely not a book that is easy to pin down to any one genre. Part family drama, part comedy, part thriller, this book will take you on a ride to a conclusion you really can’t predict. -Name-, the main character, runs a rehab facility, but he is the one who needs some serious intervention. His life is a wreck, riddled with addiction, self-doubt, guilt, crushing emotional loss, struggles with rage and fear, and impulsive behavior that could get him (and possibly others close to him) killed. But despite being one of the most flawed characters I’ve seen in a while, he is a likable person and one you really root for. He has true empathy for others, even those who commit heinous acts, but his brand of tough love may make you uneasy.

    He also has a keen sense of justice, and is willing to go to extremes to see that justice is done…even if that means breaking the law. And he loves dogs. Really loves dogs. That’s enough for me. I found myself cheering him on in his mission to rescue a puppy from a bad situation and find it a loving home.

    Continued on next page.

  • It’s also beautiful how the character loves his little daughter, -Name-. He would do anything to keep her in his life, even if it means he has to commit a terrible act to prevent her from being taken away from him. But he is not painted as a victim here, but as a man who is at least partially responsible for his own problems. Even though he is estranged from his wife, -Name-, she is not portrayed as a villain, but rather a person who has a legitimate beef with -Name-. And he owns up to it. The climactic action scene is a test of his determination to save a family that may, because of his own wrongdoings, still be taken away from him. Ultimately, this book is about a man dealing with his own personal demons even as he tries to do battle with others’ demons.

    - Tiffany
  • The cover of -Book-, the novel written by -Name- didn’t incite my soul as much as the beautifully crafted dialog and the story that Jarvie has woven. As I read I couldn’t help but see the richness of language and feel a keen interest in Apache language and culture.

    As I read -Book-, I couldn’t help but visualize the mulita-dimensional characters -Names-, her husband, who is a physician on the reservation and -Name-, who is a strange medicine man, who has a fetish for Elvis and who is quite knowledgeable about western medicine, and his wife, -Name-. -Name- tells -Name- that her soul is fragmented and that she needs to undergo soul retrieval because he sensed there has been some damage to her soul. However, -Name is a little skeptical. Along the retrieval journey the story unfold unpredictably, which drives you to keep turning the page to see what happens next. The end is not what I expected, which is unique for me because it doesn’t matter how many twist and turns a book has, I always tend to decipher the ending.

    Continued on next page.

  • This novel made me think of many of us in the world. Some more than others are in need of our own soul retrieval. If only we could find our -Name-. Perhaps as individuals we can serve as our own -Name-. He said it best when he quotes Shakespeare, “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.” The novel, -Book- served as the remedy for my need for literary stimulation amid my hectic routine.

    -Author- is a writer to watch. I truly look forward to reading more novels from her.

    - Miriam
  • "Dog stories always tug at my heart, and this one was no exception. From the second the book opened on the description of the mongrel puppies, I knew I was in trouble: abandoned pups are my kryptonite. What makes this book different from others, however, is that the point of view is told from the perspective of the puppies themselves. The puppies converse with each other as if they are humans, which gives an interesting anthropomorphic twist to the story. Lines like, "No one had ever told them what grief was or why it existed" gives a fascinating complexity to a seemingly easy character. When the coyote takes the pups under his wing, the tale gains a new dimension. This is a story about grief and redemption and, ultimately, the true nature of love. -Name- is both the redeemer and the redeemed. There is also a genuine twist at the end that will leave the reader feeling satisfied. It’s a heartwarming tale with many lessons to teach and a new perspective to appreciate. -Author- has a knack for making the reader genuinely care about his characters

    - Jennifer
  • This book draws you in from the first few paragraphs. The book is set far in the future, and the author used quite and imagination in order to intricately describe all the different details of some very futuristic technology.

    The current day setting of the book involves third generation Cybers – their emotions have essentially been removed and they are sort of sub-human creatures that think logically and follow orders exactly as they are told to. The author is very detailed in his descriptions of things, but in a great way in that as a reader I could picture exactly the scene described in the book. It is a page-turner, definitely, in that I wanted to see what happened. Additionally, the author ties two stories together throughout the book and links them only at the very end. I could definitely see this book turning into a series with additional books developing the story more. I look forward to it! My only criticism of this book is that there are some grammatical and punctuation errors – not a major deal, but for someone like me who is crazy about grammar, I did note it in my head. This is a wonderful read for anybody who likes futuristic science fiction type of genres!

    - Amanda

The End