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You need reviews to get your book read. We will read your book (not skim, not peruse, not guess) and post honest but good reviews on the website of your choice. Books today are judged by the reviews already given; make sure you are represented.

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What We Do

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After all the exhausting, beautiful hours of composing your book; finally, it's done. It's published. But among the millions of books available today, how will yours stand out?

People don't take risks when buying a book online. They want to know it's good BEFORE they buy it. So what do they do?

They look at what other readers have said about it.

We understand this dilemma, this Catch-22. At Dog Eared Reviews, our network of readers across the country will purchase your book, sit down, and read it. They will then take the time to compose an honest review of your work on any website you choose.

If they did not like the book enough to give it at least three stars, we then pass it along to another of our waiting reviewers, who then reads and posts. It's that simple.



With hundreds of readers across the country (and even some beyond our borders) we are uniquely poised to provide one of the most essential pieces of marketing you can utilize for your book.

Having positive reviews - while good for your ego - serve an even more important role: Good publicity, good marketing.

We offer a number of packages styled to fit your budget and marketing needs.

Single Review: $70 This package can serve as a great introduction to our services. Furthermore, purchase of this will automatically qualify you for a one-time 10% discount on either the 5-review or 10-review package.

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Five Reviews: $229 Five reviews - enough to ensure people viewing your book know that a single review was not a fluke.

Ten Reviews: $399 Our best deal. Ten reviews will make a definite statement when someone visits your book's page.

Scheduled Reviews: Don't let your reviews get stale. Marketing doesn't end after just a month - things need to be kept fresh.


Our Readers

With over 400 active readers in our roster, you can be sure that we will be able to provide sufficient interest in your book, no matter the genre. Furthermore, our readers come from all backgrounds, all walks of life. With this variety, each review will come from a unique perspective and with wide variation in review style.Our wide reader base:

  • Ensures we have readers for any fiction genre
  • Allows us to handle almost all professional, non-fiction work
  • We can guarantee all reviews come from readers who liked it enough to give at least 3 stars
  • Allows us to handle most professional, non-fiction work
  • Enables us to finish your project in a timely fashion
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Our readers are here because they love to read books. While they all have their favorite authors, they also appreciate more diversity on their bookshelves and in the market. They WANT good authors to succeed. Unfortunately, without major publisher backing, that goal can be very difficult. This is why they read and review books - to let people know there is more than what sits on the shelves of the bookstore available.

Good books are a shared love of all of us. We are ready to love your pet project.



Q: Is this legal?

A: Absolutely. The reviews we post comply with all US laws. In order to do so, we acknowledge (at the very end of the review) that the reviewer received some compensation for posting the review. However, it is also stated that the reviewer is compensated for good or bad reviews, so the compensation does not alter their review.

Q: How long are the reviews?

A: It varies. Typically a couple paragraphs or 250 words - though some are longer or shorter - just like in any review you read online.

Q: What if the reader doesn't like my book?

A: If any reader does not like your book enough to post at least a 3 star review, they will simply pass on the job and we will give your book (at no additional charge) to another reader. Our readers are compensated whether they post good reviews or negative - but they rarely post if they don't like it. Honest, good reviews.

Q: How soon will my reviews begin to appear?

A: It varies, but the first reviews will usually show up within a week or so.




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A favorite of our clients, the subscription service ensures you always have fresh reviews for your book. This way, visitors don't see the date stamps on your reviews and wonder why no one has bought and reviewed it in several months. It's easy to sign up: just select how many reviews per month you would like, below, then select your book price (or "Just the Review", if you don't need us to buy your book with each review).

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